Equipment Information

We have a lot of equipments specifically or generally used for the manufacture of nuclear fuel components, precise metal works and test & inspection.
We routinely use not only machining center and NC lathe but also laser welding, vacuum heat treatment and three coordinate measurement devices.
Laser Welding Machine (CO2)

Equipment (The old Izumotsu Works)

■Precise mechanical work
Equipment Quantity
・Machining Center 5
・RoboDrill 4
・NC milling machine 1
・Milling machine 1
・NC Lathe machine 3
・Lathe machine 2
・Electron Discharge Machine 2
・Wire Electron Discharge Machine 5
・Rotary Surface Grinder 5
・Shirring 1
・Pelletizing Press 1
・Sintering furnace 1
・Centerless Grinder 1
・TIG welding machine with inert gas replacement 1
■Manufacture of Nuclear fuel components
Equipment Quantity
・Vacuum Heat Furnace 1
・Laser Welding Machine (YAG, CO2) 2
・TIG Welding Machine 9
・Automatic Coiling Machine 1
・Ultrasonic Cleaning Device 1
・Laser Marker 1
■Test & Inspection
Equipment Quantity
・Grinder for Metallography Sample 2
・Tensile Test Machine 1
・Micro Vickers Hardness Tester 1
・Optical Microscope 1
・Stereomicroscope 5
・Precise Profile Projector 1
・Three Coordinate Dimensional Measurement (Contact, non-contact) 5
・X-ray radiography 1
・Spring tester 1
・Helium Leak Tester 1
Machining Center (5 axes)
Machining Center (5 axes)
YAG Laser Welding Machine
YAG Laser Welding Machine
NC Lathe
NC Lathe
Wire Electron Discharge Machine
Wire Electron Discharge Machine
Spring tester
Spring tester
Three Coordinate Dimensional Measurement System
Three Coordinate Dimensional Measurement System

Equipment (The old Tokai Works)

Main Production Equipment
Process/Equipment Function and Specification Qty Remarks
1.Mechanical machining      
 NC Lathe (F16) Diameter of material 〜φ16mm 1 main shaft moving
 NC Lathe (BS18) Diameter of material 〜φ18mm 1
 NC Lathe (E20) Diameter of material 〜φ20mm 2
 NC Lathe (M20) Diameter of material 〜φ20mm 1
 NC Lathe (M20V) Diameter of material 〜φ20mm 2
 NC Lathe (E32) Diameter of material 〜φ32mm 1
 NC Lathe (M32) Diameter of material 〜φ32mm 1
 NC Lathe Diameter of material 〜φ300mm 1  
 Horizontal Machining Center X:560, Y:610 Z:560mm 1  
 Longitudinal Machining Center X:510, Y:510 Z:460mm 1  
 Emotion Center 450×6,100L mm 1  
 Grinder 450×180mm 1  
 NC Milling Machine X:820, Y:520 Z:410mm 1  
2.Press Machine      
 Transfer Press 45t 1  
3.Wire Cutter      
 Electron Discharge Machine 820×730×300H mm 2  
 NC Coil Former Wire Diameter : φ0.6〜2.6mm
Coil Diameter : MAX.φ45mm
 End Surface Grinder   1  
 YAG Laser Welding MAX. AV. 300W 1 Max.4,000L mm
 YAG Laser Welding MAX. AV. 400W 1
 YAG Laser Welding MAX. AV. 500W 1
 Electron Beam Welding 60Kv ,50mA 1
 Plasma-arc Welding 15A 1
 Plasma-arc Welding 15A,150A 1
 TIG Welding MAX. 135A, 200A etc. 3
6.Heat Treatment      
 Electric Furnace Max.1,090℃,φ500×400H mm 1  
 Vacuum Annealing Furnace Max. 800℃,φ250×4,500H mm 1  
 Ultrasonic Cleaning
  Equipment with 4 Tanks
292×350×300H mm 1 Full automatic, only for small products
 Ultrasonic Cleaning
  Equipment with 4 Tanks
150×400×4,200H mm 1 only for long products
Main Inspection Equipment
Equipment Model Qty Maker
3-dimanional Measuring System FAL-A710 1 Mitsutoyo
CNC Vison Measuring System VMR-6555 1 Nikon
Measuring Microscope STM6-LM model 1 Olympus
Roundness Measuring Machine RONDOM 54DX 1 Tokyo Seimitsu
Contour Shape Measurement Machine CV-600 1 Mitsutoyo
Surface Roughness Meter SV-600 1 Mitsutoyo
Hardness Tester (Vickers) VK-E 1 Matsuzawa-Seiki
Hardness Tester (Micro-Vickers) MMT-X1 1 Matsuzawa-Seiki
Proof Loader MAX-5KN-S-1 1 Japan Instrumentation System
Tension Testing Machine
AG-100KNG 1 Shimazu
Profile Projector V-12B 1 Nikon
V-20D 2 Nikon
Electronic Balance 1702 1 Sartorius
SG 32001 1 Mettler
PM 4000 1 Mettler
PR 203 1 Mettler
PR 503 1 Mettler ER
Horizontal Machining Center
Horizontal Machining Center
・Movable range (NC axis)
 X:560, Y610, Z:560mm
・Tool 60 pieces ATC
 (Automatic exchange)
Longitudinal Machining Center
Longitudinal Machining Center
・Movable range (NC axis)
 X:510, Y510, Z:460mm
・Tool 40 pieces ATC
 (Automatic exchange)
Emotion Center
Emotion Center
・Working table
 450mm Width×6,100mm Length
・Movable range of working head (NC)
 X axis 6000mm
 Y axis 400mm
 Z axis 340mm
NC Lathe
NC Lathe
 Automatic Lathe with 4m bar feeder
・Number of equipment : 9
・Size of products
 Diameter Max.16mm〜Max.32mm
Welding, etc.
Electron Discharge Machine
Electron Discharge Machine
・Max. size of work
YAG Laser Welding
YAG Laser Welding
・Type : YAG Laser
・Power : Max.Av.400W
・Size of products
 Ex. 135mmSuqare×30mmHight
YAG Laser Welding
YAG Laser Welding
・Type : YAG Laser
・Power : Max.Av.300W
・Size of products
 Ex. 40mmSuqare×4000mmLength
Electron Beam Welding
Electron Beam Welding
 Electron Beam Welding in Vacuum
 Acceleration Voltage Max.60kV 3kW
 Welding current Max. 50mA
・Movement NC X,Y 2axis
・Size of products
 Ex. Diameter Max.140mm
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
Heat Treatment
 ・Various heat treatment of material under high vacuum
 ・Max.Length 4000mm available
 ・Many products can be loaded in one batch
 ・Heat treatment under high vacuum and uniform temperature
 ・Various heat pattern can be set-up
☆Specification of furnace
 ・Effective volume : φ250mm×L4500mm
 ・Available loading quantity: max.150kg
 ・Achieving Temperature: max.800℃
 ・Uniformity of Temperature : Set-up value±7℃
Cleaning device
Cleaning device
Cleaning device
 ・Degreasing cleaning of outer and inner surface of long pipe with thin tichkness
  (Final cleaning of products, Pre-treatment for annealing or metallic coating)
 ・Long pipe with Max.4200mm length can be loaded.
 ・High cleaning performance against various machining oil such as cutting oil and
  lubricant oil and particle contamination such as cutting particles.
 ・High cleaning effect even inside of tube by means of ultrasonic cleaning.
 ・Harmless for material made of aluminum and Zinc because neutral detergent is used.
☆Specification of Equipment
 ・Ultrasonic cleaning with Vertical 4 Tank
  (Dimension of each tank : W150mm×D400mm×L4200mm)
CNC 3-dimensional Measuring System
CNC 3-dimensional Measuring System
・Movable Range
 (Possible automatic measurement)
 X axis 705mm
 Y axis 1005mm
 Z axis 605mm
・Min. display unit 0.1μm
Contour Shape Measurement Machine
Contour Shape Measurement Machine
・Movable range of measurement head
 X axis 100mm
 Z axis 50mm
CNC Vision Measuring System (Automatic Measurement)
CNC Vision Measuring System
(Automatic Measurement)
・Stroke of Measurement
 X axis 655mm
 Y axis 555mm
 Z axis 155mm
・Min. Display unit 0.1μm
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