Precise Metalwork, Assembling, Welding & Inspection for Difficult-to-cut Metallic Materials A series of precise metalwork, assembling, welding & inspection of difficult-to-cut metallic material such as stainless steel, inconel and kovar.

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We perform a series of precise metalwork, assembling, welding & inspection of difficult-to-cut metallic materials.
We offer the precise metalwork of stainless steel, inconel, kovar, aluminum alloy by means of our technologies cultivated by over 25 years’ experiences of precise metalwork for nuclear industries. Please feel free to contact us for any metalwork of difficult-to-cut materials from test fabrication to mass-production. We will respond you as quickly as possible.
Nuclear Fuel Components Manufacture of palm-size goods Reliable Inspection Technology
Manufacture of precise metal components of nuclear fuel to be loaded into Nuclear Power Reactor.
We offer high precision & high quality.
Precise palm-size metalwork made of difficult-to-cut materials such as stainless steel, inconel, kovar and aluminum alloy is in our line. Three coordinate measurement, Image analysis, Mechanical test are available. Our expert inspectors will deliver “Reliable Quality”.
Program input of automatic welding machine Milling of flame workpiece The visual inspection by experienced inspectors
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Our Products introduction

Based on the manufacture & inspection technologies cultivated by the manufacture of nuclear fuel components integrated with plenty of know-how of difficult-to-cut material machining, we will offer the reliable products that meets the needs of customers.
We also perform the welding and vacuum heat treatment of machined parts.
Nuclear Fuel Components Machining of Precise Metalwork Services for Test & Inspection
Spacer Grid (Inconel, Zircaloy), Plenum Coil Spring (Stainless Steel, Inconel) and Leaf Spring (Inconel) are manufactured in response to customers’ expectation. Electric parts, tool & jig, test jig and other precise metalwork are manufactured. We offer the reliable products and services. We provide the services for test & inspection such as tensile test, metallography of material.
Grid Precision machining parts We do not miss. 'Safe and secure'
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Equipment introduction

We have a lot of equipments specifically or generally used for the manufacture of nuclear fuel components, precise metal works and test & inspection.
We routinely use not only machining center and NC lathe but also laser welding, vacuum heat treatment and three coordinate measurement devices.
Manufacture of Nuclear Fuel Components Machining of Precise Metalwork Test & Inspection
■Vacuum Furnace
■Laser Welding (Yag, CO2)
■TIG Welding
■Automatic Grinder
■Machining Center
■Milling Machine
■NC Lathe
■Wire Cutting
■Three Coordinate Measurement Device
 (contact, contactless)
■Grinder for Metallography sample
■Precise Profile Projector
■Tensile Test Equipment
Laser automatic welding machine Wire Electron Discharge Machine Three Coordinate Dimensional Measurement
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  • Company Name
  • Toho Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Address
  • 7-5, Kawahara-cho, Izumiotsu-city, Osaka, Japan
    Zip code: 595-0044
  • TEL
  • +81-725-22-3363
  • FAX
  • +81-725-22-2391
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